Our Preschool


Who is Learning Adventures?

We are a Christian based early learning education program. Our warm and colorful classrooms are located at Calgary Christian School on the west side of the school and behind Emmanuel Christian Reformed Church. Calgary Christian School is an alternative K through Gr. 12 school who is inspiring students to shape God's world, integrating school, church and family life.

Learning Adventures Preschool runs classes for three and four year old children. We have small class sizes and have a teacher and co-teacher in every class. Our teachers are wonderful caring people, who are qualified educators with your child’s best interest at heart.

Our curriculum is centered on themes and fun, exciting topics. We use a holistic education model addressing the whole child; Social, Emotional, Physical, Cognitive and Spiritual.

Parent Involvement

Our preschool does not require parent involvement in the classroom. However, parents who have a completed police check are welcome to volunteer in their child’s classroom. Come, participate and see your child in action.

Our Curriculum


We have a theme based educational program, designed to capture the children’s interest, curiosity, and excitement about learning. We incorporate into our themes sub goals of patterns, problem solving, matching, pre-printing, pre-reading, and pre-math. For more details of our preschool goals, see preschool goals.

Arts and Crafts

We organize daily crafts for the children including free art, painting and play dough.

Puzzle and/or Library Time

We encourage and schedule time every day for children to look at books or work on a puzzle. Our goal is to encourage focus, attention, problem solving, and organizational skills. Our library and puzzle centre is always changing to reflect our monthly themes and items of high interest.

Literacy and Numeracy

Our goal is to develop a strong foundation of numbers, letters, patterns, counting, grouping, and recognition. We do this several times during our day through circle time, craft time and free play. So as children move forward into Kindergarten they feel confident and empowered.

Physical Literacy –Awareness through Movement

Just like children need to learn to read and write, so too they need to learn to move. We address physical literacy through our “Awareness through Movement” program - helping children become aware of their body parts and how they work together. We also have our “Nature Adventures”, exploring our school grounds through sight, touch, smell and sound.

Cognitive Literacy

This time in your child’s life is full of growth, change and awareness. In conjunction with our physical literacy we implement our “Building Better Brains” where we use bi lateral movement (crossing of the midline of the  body) to stimulate the left and right hemisphere of the brain. This helps develop stronger connection between both sides of their brain to stimulate neuron connections and help with further education growth.

Social and Emotional Wellbeing

Children need real social interactions with others to learn about themselves (self awareness) and to understand the emotional and social cues of others (social awareness). Learning how to regulate their own emotions and to be able to express themselves adequately with others empowers children and builds confidence. We encourage problem solving, empathy, and caring for others.  

Empowering Kids

Our goal is to build confidence through love, listening and support. We have a strong, clearly laid out, written discipline policy and goals guideline that help create a clear and concise early education program.

Partnership with Big Plans

We also partner with Big Plans to prescreen our four year old children. See below for a description of each area. 


Speech and Language Pathologists (SLP) 

  May include

· Clarity

· Fluency

· Pronunciation

· Inaccurate sounds 

Occupational Therapist (OT)

  May include 

· gross motor skills

· fine motor skills

· organizational skills

· visual processing skills

Physical Therapist (PT)

  May include 

· gross motor skills

· coordination 

· motor planning

· increase strength

· focus

English Language Learners(ELL)

  May include

· practice with sounds

· Vocabulary building

· Speaking 

The partnership with Big Plans is a free service to families whose children attend Learning Adventures Preschool.

Small Class Sizes

 1 – 8 teacher child ratio. Best in the city! 

Trained Staff

All teachers have their First Aid Certificate and Child Care Staff Qualifications