Our curriculum

Themes and fun, exciting topics are at the centre of our curriculum.

We use a holistic education model to embrace the whole child; Social, Emotional, Physical, Cognitive and Spiritual. 


Our theme-based educational program is designed to capture the children’s interest, curiosity, and excitement about learning! Patterns, problem-solving, matching, pre-printing, pre-reading, and pre-math are incorporated within these themes.  

Arts and Crafts

Children will explore their creativity through daily crafts such as free art, painting and play dough.


Puzzle and Library Time

To encourage focus, attention, problem-solving, and organizational skills, we schedule time every day for children to look at books or work on puzzles. Our library and puzzle centre is always changing to reflect our monthly themes and items of high interest.


Literacy and Numeracy

Through circle time, craft time and free play, we help children develop a strong foundation of numbers, letters, patterns, counting, grouping, and recognition. We want children to feel confident and empowered moving forward into Kindergarten.


Physical Literacy – "Awareness through Movement"

Just as children need to learn to read and write, they also need to learn to move. We address physical literacy through our “Awareness through Movement” Program. This program helps children become aware of their body parts and how they work together. In addition, our “Nature Adventures” Program allows students to explore the school grounds through sight, touch, smell and sound.


Cognitive Literacy

A preschooler’s life is full of growth, change and awareness. In conjunction with the physical literacy program, we implement the “Building Better Brains” Program where bilateral movement (crossing of the mid-line of the body) is used to stimulate the left and right hemisphere of the brain. Bilateral movement helps develop a stronger connection between both sides of their brain to stimulate neuron connections and help with further education growth.

Social and Emotional Well-being

Children need real social interactions with others to learn about themselves (self-awareness) and to understand the emotional and social cues of others (social-awareness). Learning how to regulate their own emotions and how to express themselves adequately with others empowers children and builds confidence. We encourage problem solving, empathy, and caring for others.  


Empowering Kids

Our goal is to build a child's confidence through love, listening and support. With defined goals and clear discipline policy, we are able to empower children through our early education program. 

Partnership with Big PLANS for Little Kids Ltd.

Learning Adventures Preschool has partnered with Big PLANS for Little Kids to provide FREE developmental screening for speech, language and occupational therapy. Whether it is assistance with speech sounds or a pencil grasp, the Big PLANS team will help support our preschoolers in their learning experience. 

Alberta Education funds Big PLANS for Little Kids early intervention services, so there is no additional cost to the Learning Adventures preschool or the child’s family whose child(ren) are registered at Learning Adventures and demonstrate a need.

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