Classroom Policies


Drop Off and Pick Up

Please bring your child directly to the teacher and pick up your child directly from the teacher. Please notify the teacher and school immediately if anyone other than yourself or the designated person indicated on your registration form is dropping off or picking up your child. Children should be dropped off no more than 5 minutes before the program starts and picked up on time, no later than 5 minutes after the programs ends. In the event that you might be late in picking up your child please call the office at 403.242.2896 or the Preschool directly at extension 358 to notify the Preschool and arrangements will be made for the teacher to remain with your child until you arrive.

Discipline Policy

CCS Learning Adventures has an expectation of mutual respect and consideration between all parties. The children will be treated with kindness, respect and love and that behaviour will be encouraged between students and staff. Should a problem arise between students, a staff member will try to help guide the children involved into resolving the situation amicably. Our goal is to help children learn to ask and express their wants and needs appropriately. If a child’s behaviour is inappropriate, a staff member will speak to the child and explain why their behavior is not acceptable and then help redirect the child to another activity. The Preschool’s philosophy includes helping children in a loving, gentle way to become more responsible for their actions and decisions.

Parent Participation / Volunteering

Your participation in our classroom is very valuable to us, but especially important to your child. We invite you to volunteer in the classroom on a regular basis; teachers will provide calendars and opportunities to be involved. Please note: for their own safety and care, siblings may not attend on parent volunteer days. Volunteers must have a current Calgary Police Services and Social Services Child Intervention Check on file; forms and information available from Preschool staff. The involvement of parents is vital to a child’s educational experience and we encourage you to stay actively involved through regular communication with staff, volunteering and participation in Calgary Christian School events.

Show and Tell

Show and Tell is a very important part of our program, and each child is encouraged to participate. This is a valuable chance for each child to practice public speaking and develop confidence in themselves. We also use this opportunity to practice listening skills and encourage children to ask questions. Teachers will inform parents of the schedule for each child.

Snack Policy

Families are asked to provide a snack for their child for every class, in child-friendly portions and containers. We strongly encourage healthy snacks such as crackers, fruit, vegetables and cheese with a water bottle. 

No Nuts - Learning Adventures Preschool is a NUT-FREE school. Please do not send any products containing nuts or traces of nuts.

Toilet Trained

All children must be toilet trained before coming to preschool.

Frequently Asked Questions


What are the class sizes for preschool?

  • Our 3-year old preschool program has 14 students with 1 teacher and 1 assistant.
  • Our 4-year old preschool programs have 16 students with 1 teacher and 1 assistant.

Why is my payment the same every month, even when there are holidays or days off?

  • The cost for the Preschool programs is based on a full year program.
  • For the convenience of our families, we offer the ability to make equal monthly payments throughout the school year.
  • If you prefer, you may choose to pay for the program in full rather than in monthly installments.

Will I receive a tax receipt for my preschool payments?

  • Preschool classes are considered childcare expenses for tax purposes, and payments you have made during the calendar year will be eligible for that child care expense.
  • A receipt from our Business Office to be used for this purpose will be automatically mailed to you in February of the following year.

What if my child turns 3 after the requisite date?

  • If your child turns 3 after September, you are still able to register your child for the 3-year old program with the understanding that in order to hold that spot, you would be paying for those months your child is not able to be in school.
  • Your child would then be able to attend preschool once he/she turns 3.

Does my child need to be toilet-trained?

  • Yes, your child needs to be toilet-trained.
  • To attend Preschool, your child must be able to use the bathroom on their own (no pull-ups).

What does my preschooler need on his/her first week of school? 

Your child needs the following for preschool:

  • A ½-inch binder;
  • Backpack big enough to hold crafts, paper, shoes and a snack;
  • A peanut-free snack and beverage;
  • As winter approaches, we will require indoor shoes.

When does preschool start?

  • Our preschool program typically begins the second week of September.
  • The first week of preschool is a staggered entry which means that half of the class will come on the first day and the other half of the class will come on the next scheduled day.
  • Your child will only have one (1) day of preschool that starting week.
  • We do a staggered entry to ensure your child has a comfortable and enjoyable start to preschool.
  • Full classes then begin the third week of September.
  • We do ask parents to stay with their children on the first day of school as there will be a parent meeting to discuss different aspects of the program and to answer any questions you may have.

Can I volunteer?

  • Yes, we encourage our parents to sign up as volunteers after they have conducted their police check.
  • Due to space constraints of our classrooms and the age of the children in our preschool programs, we do not allow younger siblings to be present while the parent is volunteering.

Do you have report cards for Preschool?

  • No, report cards are not issued for Preschool although there is a summary review that is sent home in February.
  • We do have specific goals and outcomes for our students to ensure that they are being prepared to learn as they enter Kindergarten and elementary school.
  • We have an emphasis on self-esteem and socialization skills, and there are specific academic-minded goals as well.
  • Pre-math skills are supported through games and play that include organization, sequencing and recognition of patterns and numbers; literacy skills are built by storytelling, dramatic play, learning shapes, tracing and artwork.
  • Fine and gross motor skills will be nurtured through such activities as colouring and playing catch that strengthen the hand, finger and shoulder muscles. If you have questions about your child’s progress or skill levels, please feel free to speak with the teachers at any time!

Re-enrollment for Preschool Families

  • If you have a child or children in our 3-year or 4-year old preschool program, you are eligible for priority registration of the following year for 2nd year preschool.
  • You are also eligible for priority consideration for Kindergarten.
  • This two-day priority registration occurs the first week in January that we are back from our Christmas break.
  • Note: Current enrollment in our preschool program does not guarantee acceptance into the Calgary Christian School Kindergarten program; it does permit early registration and consideration.

Areas that are considered for acceptance into our Kindergarten program at CCS are:

  • Faith Commitment – Parents/guardians must provide a Pastor’s letter of recommendation verifying active participation in a Christian church. They must also support CCS’ Educational Vision and Philosophy and be interviewed by a Principal and Society representative. These documents and our statement of faith can be found online by clicking on this link.
  • Readiness – Prior to Kindergarten acceptance, students are professionally assessed to determine basic skill readiness appropriate to the grade level. Assessments occur in April/May.
  • Learning Assistance – Students who require learning assistance may be admitted based on the school’s ability to provide appropriate care/assistance. This is determined on an individual case basis.
  • Financial Ability – Payment of program fees in full is the responsibility of the parent/guardian.