Preparing for the first days of Preschool

Supply List

Individual snack + water bottle

Back pack

Indoor shoes

1 binder either ¼ to ½ inch

(The binder will remain at preschool until the end of the year when you will get it back as a memory book full of crafts, pictures and stories.

Be Ready!

1. Make sure you leave plenty of time on the first few days of Preschool. Stay calm and relaxed and do not rush!

2. Pack a snack with your preschooler and help them load their backpack with supplies.

Parents Orientation on the 1st Day

A staggered entry date will be sent to you and parents stay for orientation to help with the transition for your child. 


Tips to help you and your child. 

Preschool Readiness and Resources

What your child will need for the first day of Preschool.

Preparing for Preschool

Newsletter published every 2 months for parents.

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